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Electroluminescent and LED (Solid State) Lighting

  • LED Edge-lit PanelsLED Edge-lit Panels
  • LED Edge-lit PanelLED Edge-lit Panel
  • ledmodule640LED Modules
  • Electroluminescent Electroluminescent Panel and Strip
  • ell640

Large LED Module (Back-lit Panel)  
LED Edge-lit Light Panel
LED Edge-lit Light Panel
  • UL 
  • Only 0.3-inches thick
  • Custom Sizes, Shapes and Colors
  • Low Voltage DC
Electroluminescent Lighting  
  • 0.020-inches thick
  • 4-ounces per square foot
  • Flexible
  • Custom Size and Shape
  • AC or DC Electroluminescent Inverters are available


Linear Lighting (Flexible LED Strip)  
Flexible LED Strip  
LED Light Bar  


LED Module BACKLIT PANEL         
  • Manufactured in USA by US Solid State, LLC.
  • Life [LD 70] 120,000 + hours (See Data Sheet)
  • UL Component File # E358479
  • Aluminum module for optimum heat management
  • Dimming
  • LED Modules simplify custom luminaire manufacture
  • 0.31-inch (8mm) over-all height
  • Colors: 2700K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, Red, Green, Blue
  • 2 and 3 channel modules for color mixing
  • Custom sizes are available

Large Red, Green Blue LED Modules
Single Color            

rgb led module         
Color mixing with 2 and 3 color RGB LED Modules  
red green blue LED Module         

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