LED and Electroluminescent Lighting


Knema, LLC., dba LuminousFilm located in Shreveport, Louisiana since 2001 is a US distributor providing custom UL listed Edge-lit LED light panels, LED modules, linear lighting, high bay, roadway, and stadium Lighting.


LED Troffer 

UL / DLC certified ceiling toffers, high-quality custom rigid light bars, and flexible UL listed LED strip are available in many colors and color temperatures such as white, adjustable color temperature white, Red, Green, Blue and RGBW.

Electroluminescent lighting

Electroluminescent panels are a thin, flexible light source available in standard sheet or custom, color, shape and size.

High Bay / Roadway / Flood

Flicker-free high-bay, tunnel, roadway, and stadium lighting. LED bulbs approved for use in air tight luminaires DLC certified and UL or ETL listed. Our bulbs can be used in new installations or when retrofitting existing explosion proof, high bay and roadway luminaire.

Large LED modules

Custom large LED modules are used in signage, general lighting and horticulture. A wide range of colors are available from IR through UV.

Custom Edge-lit Light Panels

Edge-lit panels are often used to back light stone, glass or as a lightbox for a graphic. Our edge-lit panels are available with or without a flip-open frame.