Electroluminescent Panel and Strip

Electroluminescent Strip

Electroluminescent strip lamp



Split Electrode– electroluminescent strips are available in the following sizes (lighted size):

Note: Production of this product has been suspended by the manufacturer and supplies are limited.

  • 0.50-inches wide by up to 300-feet
  • 1.0-inches wide by up to 300-feet
  • 2.0-inches wide by up to 300-feet
  • 3.0-inches wide by up to 300-feet
  • 6.0-inches wide by up to 300-feet
  • 9.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 12.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 15.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 18.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 21.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 24.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet
  • 30.0-inches wide by up to 50-feet

Electroluminescent Panel

Electroluminescent sheet



Parallel Electrode – electroluminescent panels are available in the following sheet sizes (lighted size):

  • A2 16.250 x 22.875-inches
  • A3 11.500 x 16.250-inches
  • A4 8.000 x 11.500-inches
  • A5 5.500 x 8.000-inches
  • A6 3.875 x 5.500-inches
  • 6×6 5.875 x 5.875-inches
  • Custom size, shape and colors are available


Custom Electroluminescent Panel

Custom Electroluminescent panel

For custom electroluminescent panels, we require a CAD file in a DWG or DXF format

Regarding panel appearance:

To make a white panel, manufacturers add a pink florescent dye to blue-green phosphor making the panel appear pink when “off” and bluish white when “on”. EL panels can have an acceptable white appearance when a graphic printed on white film is placed on the panel. However; some white areas in a graphic overlay can have a pink cast, this is caused by light reflecting off the graphic back onto the EL panel.

EL panels are manufactured with a process known as screen printing which gives a fairly even illuminated surface; it’s not perfect though, and may not be appropriate for some optical calibration applications.


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