LED Edge-lit Light Panel for Backlighting

LED light panel back-lighting stone counter top
Light panel placed under translucent stone creating a backlighted kitchen countertop


LED Back Light panel and LED light box, UL listed
Edge-lit light panels with or without a flip-open frame. Edge-lit panels with a flip-open frame are called lightboxes.


LED Light box using back-lighting panels
LED light box in a store display

UL listed edge-lit LED light panels are available in custom size, color, shape and with or without a flip-open frame. Our panels are quality products from manufacturers in South Korea. Custom orders on edge-lit light panels are usually available for delivery in 10-14-days.


LED edge-lit back-lit panels are an excellent backlight source for a new or old lightbox and signs.

Lightboxes can be built to your specifications regarding size, color temperature, and frame color. Single and double-sided [illuminated on the front and rear face] light panels are also available. Edge-lit light panels are 8mm or about 1/3-inch thick. With a flip-open frame [now called a lightbox] have a thickness of 0.625 to 1.50-inches. Illumination across the LED light panel from edge-to-edge is within 15% so a dark center is not a concern. Read more

Light panels have many uses in retail environments such as lighted shelves, signs, lightbox for photographic transparencies, stained glass and faux windows. For interior lighting applications, the panel performs well as a ceiling troffer, lighted wall, under cabinet light and under stone such as Onyx, quartzite or translucent man-made countertops. Read more

Custom LED edge-lit lightboxes with or without flip-open frames are available in sizes up to 48 x 96-inches.

In signage, edge-lit panels can be a substitute for fluorescent tubes. Panels are thin, evenly illuminated and last for years without maintenance. Several color temperatures are available and RGB.

When displaying stained glass or some other translucent material in a window, you can use our clear edge-lit panel to let natural light through during the day and illuminate your art at night.


Clear edge-lit LED light panel
Clear edge-lit light panel emits light from the front and rear face.



LED lighting, edge-lit light panel
Edge-lit LED backlight panel used as a light table

LED Light Panel used to back light graphics in a store display
Light panel used to backlight graphics in a retail display

Thin edge-lit LED light panel for backlighting

Very thin edge-lit LED backlight panel

LED edge-lit light panel used as a shelf in a liquor cabinet
Light panel used as shelves in a liquor display

Our custom LED panels are a quality product of South Korea. Custom sizes and shapes are usually delivered to you in 10-days.

LED light panel used to back-light art
Light panel used to backlight art

LED light panels used to light store faux windows
Faux windows Lighted with LED light panels