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 LED Edge-lit Light Panels and Large LED Modules


LED Edge-lit Light Panel


Large LED Module

  • Manufactured in S. Korea
  • Edge-lit panel Life ~50,000-hours
  • 3-year warranty
  • UL Component
  • Low voltage DC
  • 0.3-inch (8mm) thick
  • Custom sizes, shapes are available
  • Even illumination from edge-to-edge
  • Color- 3200K, 3700K, 4200K, 5300K, 6000K
  • RGB, Red, Green, Blue [Non video]
  • Sizes- up to 48 x 96-inches
  • Dimming
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • 1, 2 and 3 channel modules allow color mixing
  • LED Module Life up to 100,000+ hours
  • Nichia, Cree, Epistar LED's
  • 3 and 7-year warranties
  • UL Component (Premium module)
  • Low voltage DC [Constant voltage, 24-volts]
  • 0.3-inch (8mm) thick
  • CCT - ~ 3,000, 4000K, ~5500K, 6,500K,
  • RGB, Red, Green, Blue [Non video]
  • Dimming
pdf  Click here for Edge-lit Panel Data Sheet pdf Data Sheet LED Module (Premium)
Data Sheet LED Module (Economy)

Large LED modules are an efficient, low maintenance way to backlight translucent material such as stone, glass, images on plastic, glass or film.  Our LED modules are made by US Solid State, LLC., in Shreveport, LA.  US Solid State, LLC., only uses LED's from top tier manufacturers such as Cree, Nichia and Epistar.

LED modules have an expected life of approximately 50-thousand hours, for our Economy Module to 100+ thousand-hours for our Premium module. (Life data from manufacturer data) 

LED edge-lit panels and LED modules are an excellent back-light source for retrofitting signs and light boxes. If you are sign or light box manufacturer, you will find our US made LED back-lit modules a high quality, long lasting LED back-lighting solution to replace fluorescent lighting.


Modular Design makes it possible to connect many LED modules together
    Electrical connections are easy to make, no special connectors or
    wire are needed.


LED modules are bright enough to be used to make custom commercial or residential architectural light fixtures.  Edge-lit LED panels and LED back-lit modules can be used as a light source for under cabinets, ceiling troffer, lighted walls or to back light natural stone or man made counter tops and stained glass.


Edge-lit Acrylic Panels are UL listed


Edge-lit LED panels are available in custom sizes shapes and can usually be delivered in just 10-14-days. These LED panels are a high quality products from South Korea. UL listed with a 2-year warranty.

Edge-lit panels are available with an optional
diffusion sheet which helps hide the v-cut grid in
the light guide plate.


LED Edge-lit panels are available in sizes from
3.75 x 3.75 to 48 x 96-inches



US Solid State, LLC., LED modules are available in many stocked sizes and colors, but if the size or color you need is not available, let us know, since the LED module manufacturing facility is just next door, there’s a good chance we can get your custom LED module made quickly.


A Single 12 x 12-inch LED Module Can supply up to
~9,800 lumen with an efficiency of 100 lumen / watt
LED Module


Large LED modules, manufactured by US Solid State, LLC., can be cut to smaller sizes making it possible for you to create custom LED lighting for retail store jewelry cases, home cabinetry, stone counter tops, makeup display and shelving units. Please see our data sheet for Large LED module cutting information.  


1/2-inch x 12-inch Light Bar Modules
can provide up to 1000 lumen
  • 0.5 x 12-inches
  • 24-volts DC
  • 10-watts
  • ~1000 lumen


Most of our LED modules are a UL component, which means they are designed to be used in a product you manufacture.  Our sturdy aluminum light modules are designed to electrically connect together to create a custom light source that can be dimmed.  


No UV from our cool and warm white modules
making them safe for museum lighting


Stone can be back-lit with either an edge-lit
panel, or a Large LED module.
lumex stone backlit
Top: Lumex stone back lit
              Bottom: Non back lit Lumex    



We look forward to discussing your lighting project. Call, or email for a fast response to your lighting questions.





LED Light Panel
Edge-lit LED Light Panel in a mirror

LED Lighted Wall
Lighted Wall using LED Modules

LED Light Box
Edge-Lit Panel with Flip-open Frame (Light Box)

LED Edge-lit panel
Edge-lit panel inside stainless steel sign

backlight stone
Large LED module used to back light qartzite stone

backlit granite
Large LED module backlighting granite

Museum LED Lighting
LED Edge-lit Light Panels used as light boxes

stained glass LED Light Panel
Translucent art lighted with Edge-lit LED Light Panel

LED Lighting
LED Module used to make custom ceiling light

glass back light
LED Module used to back light glass



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