Large LED Modules | Custom | US Made

Custom 1,2,3,4 color LED Modules. IR and UV are available, USA made for back lighting signs, glass, stone
1, 2, 3, 4 colors, high CRI white, IR and UV.

LED Module for backlighting
Backlight modules are available in custom sizes, shapes and colors.

LED back light panel used to back light quartzite stone counter top
Back-lit module used to backlight stone.

LED back-light module used to light bathroom mirror
Mirror lighted with back-lit modules.

Large LED modules, made in Louisiana by US Solid State, LLC., are available in many sizes and colors. Modules can have one, two, three or four colors per module such as high CRI white, red, green, blue, IR (Infra-Red) and UV (Ultra-violet).

Many of our LED backlighting modules can be cut to smaller sizes making it easy to create custom LED lighting. Modules work well in-store displays, light boxes, backlighting stone counter tops and custom luminaires.

Please see our data sheet for module description and cutting information.


Most of our LED modules are a UL component, meaning they are designed to be used in a product you manufacture and intend to have UL listed. Our sturdy aluminum light modules are designed to connect together making it easy to create a custom light source.

The mirror in the photograph was desilvered in two areas; a white diffuser was placed on the rear face of the mirror. Several 6 x 6-inch LED modules were placed in the wall about 2-inches from the mirror.

LED modules provide ample illumination for backlighting stone or crushed glass countertops; the stone in the photo is 3cm quartzite.

Our modules have simple push-in connectors making it easy to create a large custom light source. Modules are low voltage 24-volt DC, constant voltage type so adding or subtracting modules from your lighting array will not require a power supply change as with constant current modules.

A mirror can be lighted by desilvering areas then place modules behind the clear areas.