High Lumen LED Bulbs


High Lumen Flicker free LED bulb for commercial use, LED replacement for HPS and Metal Halide

IcePipe™ IcePipe Corporation is a South Korean company manufacturing LED lamps and fixtures suitable for high-bay, canopy, and explosion-proof fixtures, new or retrofit. The LED bulbs, flood and spot lights are UL or ETL listed and flicker-free.

Technical and Installation information is available below to help you get familiar with the product before purchasing.

These bulbs are suitable replacements for incandescent, CFL, metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs. To retrofit an existing fixture all you need to do is bypass the ballast and run 100-277VAC directly to the bulb. It is not necessary to go to the expense of replacing existing roadway/street, security, high bay or canopy lighting with a new LED fixture. These LED bulbs are engineered to operate in an open or enclosed fixture.


LED Lighting for: Explosion Proof | Security | Roadway

18W,      1,710lm- replaces 45W CFL, 135W incandescent, 144W halogen
25W,      2,500lm- replaces 63W CFL, 188W incandescent, 200W halogen
60W,      5,580lm- replaces 180W MH, 240W HPS, 480W halogen
80W,      8,000lm- replaces 250W MH, 333W HPS, 666W halogen
80WL+,  10,000lm- replaces 300W MH, 400W HPS, 800W halogen

Flicker free LED bulb
Flicker free LED bulb


OBB series LED Bulb: 18W

Led Light Bulb 18W, 30W, retrofit

IcePipe CRI 97IcePipe LED Bulbs



OBB series LED Bulb: 30W, 45W, 60W, 80W


LED Bulb by Ice Pipe 30W, 60W and 80W, for retrofit roadway, street and explosion proof fixtures

IcePipe CRI 97 IcePipe OBB Bulb




Explosion Proof | Security | Roadway Lighting
OBM series LED Bulb: 15W, 30W, 40W

LED Bulb by Ice Pipe, for retrofit of existing and new fixtures

IcePipe OBM Bulb