Edge-lit LED Panels

Datasheet for LED Edge-lit panel [Light Board and Illumice]



Data sheet for Split Electrode Electroluminescent strip.

Data sheet for Parallel Electrode Electroluminescent Panel   


High Bay, Street, Flood Lighting

Manufacturer Profile and Certifications


LED Modules

Data Sheet for Premium LED Module by US Solid State, LLC.

Data Sheet for Economy LED Module by US Solid State, LLC.


Safety Certifications

Large LED Modules- Component file number E358479, manufactured in Shreveport, Louisiana.

LED Edge-lit Panel-  LightBoard File number E344086, manufactured in South Korea

Illumice File number E471902, manufactured in South Korea


Solar Lighting-Photometrics

KLRC15W, 2,100-lumen, street light

KLRC20W, 2,800-lumen, street light

KLRC25W, 3,500-lumen, street light

KLRC30W, 4,200-lumen, street light

KLRC40W, 5,600-lumen, street light

KLRC50W, 7,000-lumen, street light

KLRC60W, 8,400-lumen, street light


Solar Lighting-User Manual

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